The Church in the Westlands - Coronavirus Update

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Both churches have decided that - in order to support the national attempts to reduce covid transmission, we will not be open for Sunday services - probably for the duration of the current lockdown. We will however be producing  worship videos each week.

Worship for 21 Feb - click here to watch this now

... or you can watch it at the same time as others at 10.30am on Sunday by clicking on this link to our youtube channel

Additional hymns and songs… 40 days and 40 nights    I will offer up my life    Father God I wonder

Notes 1)  the worship file for this week has already been checked for computer viruses so it should be safe to download. If you also have difficulty playing this without interruption , and you have another device you can try accessing them on it may be worth trying that instead. Alternatively... it may help to press pause to enable the whole of the file to do download on your device; and then when this is complete, press play – which may then play the whole service without interruption

2) If you want to download to a phone which can’t handle the large video file, each week’s service should also be available as  a much smaller MP3 audio by each Sunday, the link here remaining unchanged from week to week

St Andrew's is also  available for the following....Royal blue facebook 3 icon - Free royal blue social icons

(1) Individual prayer. We are open for this on Thursdays between 10-11am

The safety regulations will include an expectation to use the hand gel provided when entering & leaving the building, but the toilets will only be available for emergency use. Any showing potential COVID symptoms are asked to comply with governement directives to stay at home and ring the NHS on 111– but feel free to ring us too for  prayer support as well.  In addition the government recommend that those in the ‘clinically vulnerable’ category ( which includes all over 70‘s) are encouraged to consider the extra risk that this entails to their health (here (sec 9) and here (sec 3)

(2) Funerals. More details can be downloaded here

(3) Weddings & Baptisms -  though these are not currently  allowed, except in very limited cirumstances, do contact the vicar on 01782 619594 about future plans

(4) As well as issuing weekly worship videos, we also have a full programme of more interactive zoom gatherings for prayer, worship, bible study, social catch-up and quiz.  In addition there are a number of  church members able to assist those who are isolated or in practical need at this difficult time - do get in touch me (Andrew Dawswell,  vicar on 01782 619594 or )

There is also a  weekly online service produced by the Methodist Circuit available and some Zoom options too on


There's no doubt that Covid-19 presents huge problems for our world, and for individuals. The website lookingfor features a variety blogs and videos written by Christians addressing different aspects of our experience as we live in lockdown and battle Covid-19 - and aiming to help us find hope during these difficult days. Do get in touch with us at Church in the Westlands if you'd like  explore more some of the themes and questions that it raises.


If you have been accessing our worship videos for adults or children, or simply looking at our website or facebook page, welcome! Perhaps you find church on line easier to try out than a physical building, perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you, perhaps you would appreciate linking with a Christian community. If, for whatever reason, you would appreciate some human contact with our church, or have a question, then again please do contact me (Andrew Dawswell,  vicar on  or 01782 619594 ).


We are communicating with our regular members by email. If we not already have your email address and you would like to be included in this, do email Andrew with it. Our Church in the Westlands facebook page may also be of interest


We are again hoping to run the ‘Identity’ course - this time online, via zoom videoconferencing. It aims to help group members think through life’s key questions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Each of the seven sessions is focussed on looking at the life and teaching  of Jesus, as recorded in John’s gospel, and aims to shows why so many are convinced that he is the key to life and the one who can answer our big questions. Each week includes a video discussion starter , with opportunity for interaction and questions. As well as looking at who God is and how we can relate to him, it also aims to address difficult questions about science and faith; different world religions; suffering and the church. Do let us know if you might be interested, or want to know more about it.


Can we encourage you to pray for the current crisis? If some written prayers would help to guide you, they can be found here here


Naomi, our Children and Families worker, is providing activities, videos and links online to help children and families connect together and to God through this time.
You can keep updated on our  facebook page for young families we have contact with, or you can email her at


For those seeking alternative forms of worship, please try these links:
Order of service
Church of England Prayer for the Day 
Methodist Church
Sermons from the Westlands
Sermons from elsewhere
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)  resources for bible study  In addition they are planning to broadcast  some church livestreams, which will launch from the UCB Facebook page

The Church In The Westlands

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Welcome to The Church in the Westlands website -  with a very warm invitation to join us for worship or for any of our activities. If you are new to the area or want to learn more about what our churches offer then there is a "Welcome Pack" available. Just get in touch with one of the ministers via the Contact Us page who will provide you with one.

The Church in the Westlands is an ecumenical partnership between St Peter's Church (Methodist) and St Andrew's Church (Anglican). As a partnership, we are committed in the power of the Holy Spirit that our worship, service and witness will demonstrate to everyone the love of Jesus Christ.

10.30 worship in St Andrew's

We are situated in the suburban area of the Westlands in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, UK- our buildings being sited on the north and west sides of the square at the centre of the Westlands (on Pilkington Avenue ST5 3RE).

Church in the Westlands Contemporary Worship

Contemporary Worship - United evening service (in St Peter's)

Most people who are wanting to know more just drop in at one of our regular worship services. We also regularly run a 7-week enquirers' course called Identity

Details of all our activities, including a wide range of groups both for adults and for children & young people can be found in the 'Groups and Organisations' and 'youth and children's work' sections.