We may not be able to meet together but our Children's worker Naomi Savage is producing  weekly videos to enable parents and children to run their own 'Sunday Club' at home

31 May
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24 May
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17 May
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10 May
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3 May
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26 April
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19 April
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Easter Sunday
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Palm Sunday Messy Church Special (5 April)
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29 March
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Mothering Sunday (22 March)
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If you live in the Newcastle-under-Lyme area and want to speak to Naomi - she'd be really encouraged to have your feedback on this  tel 07864-127523  naomi.westlands@gmail.com


There is a wide variety of groups and activities for different ages. We hope that parents, children and young people will find something that suits your needs.

We're on facebook  - do follow us if you want updates of new initiatives and special events

Or contact us if you'd like to know more. Our Children and Families Minister is Naomi Savage tel 07864-127523  naomi.westlands@gmail.com

Sunday Groups

Under 3s There is a Parent and Baby Room in St Andrew's (Mr Noisy's room) for babies and toddlers - and facilities for parents and babies at St Peter's, to which services are relayed. Parents & children are welcome to come and go to these at any point in the service

Sunday Club (3 to 11 yrs)

Pathfinders (11 plus)

All age worship Almost every month (usually on the second sunday) all ages stay together for the 10.30 morning service. In St Andrew's this is usually a slightly shorter service than usual (40-60 minutes) with visual aids, participation and songs aimed at engaging children as much as adults in the week's theme

In the Week

Messy Church (all ages, especially up to age 10)

Little Sparklers (Pre-school children and their parents/carers)

Parent and Toddler Group (Pre-school children and their parents/carers)

Xcite (for 7-11's)

TMNC (14 yrs up)


Our previous youth and children's worker produced a great video about that area of ministry in our church. It's a bit out of date now. but it's still a great advert for what we're aiming to do and why - and you can watch it here