Pathfinders is one of the Sunday Clubs offered at Church in the Westlands. It caters for young people from 11 upwards. For children 3 to 7 years there is Climbers and for those from 7 to 11 years of age there is Trailblazers.

What the Pathfinder Leader's Say:

The Pathfinder group, as with the rest of the Sunday Club, recognises the different needs of the Young People within our Church family and the fact that often it is just not possible to cater for all age ranges within one act of worship or other Christian activity. It mainly meets during part of the 10.30 worship on Sunday mornings other than when it is all-age service, but the group is a vital part of the network of groups within the Churches, contributing to the life of the Church in many other different ways.

We therefore take our lead from the Churches and aim to:

  • teach the Christian Gospel in an open, challenging and hopefully enjoyable way relevant to the needs of our young people;
  • support the Young People in their walk of faith; and
  • encourage them to share that faith with others.

The group works with materials aimed at school years 7 to 9, dividing the group where possible to try and address the different needs of individuals within the group.

The Pathfinder leaders commit themselves to:

  • Pray for the Pathfinder Group and individual members on a regular basis
  • Reflect and share God’s love and care for the Young People
  • Maintain and develop their own spirituality through regular private and group bible study, prayer and worship
  • Prepare diligently, thoroughly and prayerfully for each pathfinder session
  • Make other opportunities available for the group to develop and nurture outside of the Sunday morning sessions, including attendance at other events and time away
  • Encourage the Young People to be an active part of the Christian community in the Westlands
  • Be available for the Young People in the group, including appropriate pastoral care
  • Follow-up those members of the group who have not attended for some time
  • Undertake whatever training is felt appropriate by the Church Leadership
  • Maintain conduct and records required by the Churches, including all requirements of the Safeguarding Children policy.