St Andrew’s Hall facilities

Our existing hall is now over 80 years old,    and is becoming increasingly hard to keep it in good condition – hardly surpsingly, as it was only ever designed to be temporary building. After careful consideration over several years, the church council decided to apply for permission to replace it with a new building of comparable size for church and community use, as an extension to our main building. This was granted in August 2020, and we are now close to sorting out CofE permissions. An overview of our plans produced in early 2020 can be found  here , These give a good general impression of what we are attempting; although since then we have been required replace the proposed pitched roof to the small rear lobby extexsion with a flat roof, and it has been decided to retain the tower – and also to add a 3rd main window into the new hall. We are hoping to have all of the permissions firmed up to be able to provide final details – and to launch an appeal for balance of the funding – in Summer 2021.
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